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Who we are

During quarantine, I noticed that people were struggling to find good quality face masks. Some people were wearing plastic wrap on their face! Many of my friends that had ordered face masks from other online stores said it took over 3+ weeks for shipping.


To address this, my father and I started this company "Millennials in Motion" to get people washable face masks quickly. We started selling just to our neighbors in San Francisco & Etsy and then started selling on Amazon, Walmart & our own brand store after getting great feedback and universal 5/5 ratings on Etsy.

The journey so far!

To date, we have sold thousands of high quality face masks with an average shipping length of 1-2 days for processing and 2-6 days for USPS delivery to any location in USA. We also provide face masks to small businesses to protect their employees.


Our mission to get washable, high quality, reusable cloth face masks to everyone quickly and donate 20% of all mask proceeds to Feeding America - thank you for your order and for supporting the food bank!


- Shan Shan Fu, Founder of Millennials In Motion

It always seems impossible until it's done.

- Nelson Mandela


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