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Top 5 Best Face Mask Features - How to Buy Cloth Face Masks?

Top 5 Best Face Mask Features - How to Buy Cloth Face Masks?

With so many different types of face masks, how do you know what type of face mask to buy? We break down the most popular face mask features that are must-haves the next time you are social distancing.

What are the most important cloth face mask features?

1.) Filter Pockets - the most important feature of a mask, allows you to put in a filter insert. A popular filter insert is Activated Carbon PM 2.5 filter insert that helps filter out more air pollutants, dust, pollen, etc.

2.) Zipper - most DIY face masks do not have zippers as it is hard to install. A zipper in the filter pocket will prevent the filter insert from falling out.

3.) Adjustable Ear Straps - to get the best fit mask, adjustable elastic ear straps will help fit the mask to your unique face without allowing air to come through the cracks for a snug fit.

4.) Nose Wire - just like the nose wires on medical N95 masks, bendable and adjustable nose wires helps contour the mask on your nose so that there are no gaps and it is a comfortable fit for long wear.

5.) Stretchy - Comfortable masks are at least slightly stretchy. They can be stretchy material or stretchy elastic ear loops.

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Just because we all have to wear face masks now, doesn't mean we have to wear boring ones.

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